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Need a Qualified and Reputable Accountant in Bicester? Look No Further...

While we are popular with startups in the Bicester area looking to get a head start by hiring a quality accountant for tax advice, business advice, or for payroll management services, we are also used by many larger firms who have long been established in their respective sectors. We can offer SMEs and even multi-nationals around the Bicester area a number of services, some of which we have listed and briefly explained on this page.

How We Can Help Companies in Bicester…


When You’re Buying or Selling a Business – Involved in merger or acquisition talks? Perhaps a business outside of Bicester has approached you with an offer to buy your operation, or vice versa. We can provide expert legal advice, tax advice and business advice to help streamline the process. Once the purchase or merger is complete, we can assist in updating your payroll and ensuring any new rules which may affect your expanded company are adhered to.


Legal Structure Guidance – If you are considering restructuring your firm, there are a number of options available. Sole trader, limited company, ordinary business partnership, limited partnership/limited liability partnership or unincorporated association. A ShennanS accountant can help you figure out which is best for you and provide invaluable business advice throughout the process.


Reliable Auditing – An accountant is an expert in auditing and can provide tax advice and business advice as they conduct it to ensure you are not violating audit compliance law. If your Bicester business chooses a ShennanS accountant for its next audit, you can be sure you’ll make it through the other side unscathed!


Trustworthy Delegation – If you need an expert to take on some of the heavy lifting involved in running a business, why not delegate work to an accountant? We can manage your payroll or perhaps keep your books. We are known around Bicester as a trustworthy and reputable firm, so you know your sensitive information is safe with us, and that your firm’s financial operations will run like clockwork.


Handling Growth – Payroll expanding following a hiring spree? Email inbox looking fuller than ever before? Don’t panic. Hiring an accountant to help handle periods of growth is always a good idea. We can take over certain financial aspects of your business so you can focus on training new employees, liaising with clients or managing your work force.


We can also provide quality business advice, tax advice and payroll services to ensure you stay compliant with all relevant laws and regulation as your firm grows. In addition, we can assist in the formation of a business plan which looks to ensure your momentum doesn’t slow.



In Bicester and want to talk to an experienced accountant? Give us a call on 01844 355 590. We are experts in providing useful tax advice and business advice, as well as payroll services.